Permanent Installation

Permanent Installation

The installation of permanent CCTV systems now stretches across most aspects of every day life, from public and commercial properties, air, sea and rail parts, hospitals and hotels to sports stadia, vehicle parks, retailers, city centres and even to places we worship.

We offer all or any part of a turnkey service, which has a prime objective of ensuring that the installed system meets customer’s performance needs in the most cost effective way and which can be maintained with the minimum of cost and disruption.

Our services include:

— Design or design reviews following detailed site assessments;
— Procurement, installation and commissioning of all equipment and materials;
— Maintenance and upgrading ofthe system overtime.

Alternatively, we will act as an independent Project Manager on behalf of the customer, overseeing all aspects of the work.

Our experience and capability extends from traditional single camera installations to multi remotely controlled fibre optic or wireless IP cameras fully networked or Internet linked.

Permanent CCTV Installation