Temporary Installations

Temporary Installations

More and more, CCTV services are being deployed on a temporary basis, where there is either a perceived short to medium term safety, security or commercial risk or to provide ’stop gap’ cover pending the arrival of a permanent installation.

We have focused on the construction sector where it identified that a number of significant benefits would arise from the deployiment of a CCTV systems both on new static sites and around the country on upgrading projects for the transport networks.

CCTV systems on these sites offer the following benefits over the traditional site security practices:

— a more effective deterrent thab manned guards
— a much lover cost and reliable alternative to manned guards
— the elemination of health and safety issues for manned guards
— ready mobility about the site
— instantaneous and continuous suveillance at the touch of a button
— continuous recordings for subsequent investigations of incidents

And through Internet linking, members of the project management tean have the added bonus of being able to monitor all aspects of site activity and progress, no matter where they might be at any one time.

As a ’stop gap’ solution, with lead times becoming com — monplace for the installation of strategically located permanent CCTV coverage, with our comprehensive capability we offer temporary, and very flexible systems to provide coverage, where and when the customer believes the critical needs to be, pending the arrival of the permanent installation.

Temporary CCTV Installation