Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions, etc.

(i) “Applicable Standards” means those adopted by any approvals or regulatory organisation by which the Installer is for the time being recognised or any modification or replacement thereof, current at the date of this Contract.

(ii) “Authority” means any private or public organisation, body or association which provides response service in relation to security or alarm systems, or which is otherwise involved in the monitoring of security or alarm systems.

(iii) “Corrective Maintenance” means the diagnosis and repair of faults and defects including defects discovered during Preventative Maintenance work or as a result of emergency callout.

(iv) “Contract” means the contract for the installation, maintenance, and/or monitoring of the Installation between the Customer and the Installer.

(v) The “Customer” means any company, firm or individual or agent thereof to whom the Installer’s Quotation or Contract is addressed.

(vi) The “Installation” means that security or alarm system and items of associated equipment described in the system design specification and which is the subject of this Contract.

(vii) The “Installer” means the person, partnership or company which is undertaking to install, maintain, and/or monitor the Installation which is the subject of this Contract.

(viii) “Maintenance Contract” means the Contract between the Customer and the Installer for the maintenance of the Installation for the duration of the Maintenance Contract Period

(ix) The “Maintenance Contract Period” is 12 months from date of commencement quoted in Section I of the Contract and accepted by the Customer. It commences initially on the date of issue by the Installer of a Certificate of Compliance for the Installation or may commence on any anniversary of that date thereafter.

(x) The “Maintenance Contract Price” is that price payable by the Customer in Section I of the Contract, and may be subject to reasonable increase (based on the Retail Price Index or other suitable measure) on an annual basis, during the Maintenance Contract Period, to cover increases in wages, rates, travelling costs, and any other relevant prevailing factors since the date of the Contract.

(xi) “Preventive Maintenance” means inspection, testing and adjustment of the Installation to confirm satisfactory operation or to identify any faulty items or processes to the Customer.

(xii) The “Quotation Price” is that price accepted by the Customer in the Contract and is not subject to revision except by agreement in writing of both parties.

2. General

(i) Acceptance of the Quotation includes acceptance of the following terms and conditions as well as any which may have been added in the system design specification, which may specifically override these Terms and Conditions of trading and will take precedence if necessary for purposes of interpretation.

(ii) Nothing in these Conditions will reduce your statutory rights relating to faulty and misdescribed goods. For further information about your statutory rights you can contact your local authority Trading Standards Department or Citizens Advice Bureau.

3. Basis of Quotation for Installation

(i) Installing work is to be done during normal working hours, i.e. Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. (statutory holidays excepted). Any extension of such hours or period directly or indirectly caused by the Customer shall entitle the Installer to charge any reasonable extra costs resulting.

(ii) Variation or additional work ordered by the Customer shall be charged on the basis of reasonable time and materials at rates and costs current at the time of such work (unless separately agreed in writing prior to the variations/additional work starting).

(iii) Unless otherwise specifically agreed, the Quotation Price does not include any extraneous work, making good, re-decoration, carpet laying, building or carpentry work etc. and is contingent on engineers having unhindered access to doors, windows, cable runs and all other areas where work has to be carried out.

(iv) Any item of equipment not actually sold to the Customer shall be denoted as such in the system design specification and shall be subject to separate rental and/or maintenance terms as may be appropriate.

4. Terms of Payment

4.1 Unless otherwise agreed, the specified deposit shall be due and payable by the Customer on acceptance of the Quotation.

4.2 The outstanding balance of the Quotation Price shall be due on completion of the Installation (“the Final Date for Payment”) and prior to handover of the DVR to the Customer.

4.3 The Installation shall remain the property of the Installer until all sums due and payable by virtue of this paragraph have been received by the Installer, but the Customer shall nevertheless at all times be responsible for loss of and damage to the Installation unless such loss and/or damage arises from the neglect of the Installer, its employees or agents.

4.4 This paragraph only applies to contracts which are subject to the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996.

Payment as required above may not be withheld by the Customer after the Final Date for Payment unless effective notice to withhold payment has been given specifying

(i) the amount of the payment made or proposed to be made

(ii) and the basis upon which that account was calculated and

(iii) the ground or grounds for withholding payment and if more than one, the amount attributable to each ground

5. Completion

The Installer will use its best endeavours to effect completion of the Installation by the agreed completion date but it cannot be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from delay or no delivery due to causes beyond its control.

6. Liability for Loss or Damage

(i) The Installer does not know, and shall not be deemed to know, the true value of the Customer’s property or premises, and is not the insurer thereof.

(ii) Apart from death or personal injury, the aggregate liability of the Installer and its staff for any breach of contract, breach of statutory duty or negligence arising out of this contract, or presence at the Customer’s  premises shall be limited to £ [1],000,000 for any kind of loss or damage whatsoever. The Customer shall notify the Installer of any claims within 30 days of the occurrence giving grounds for such claims.

(iii) Although the Installation is designed to the best of the Installer’s skill and knowledge to reduce the

risks of loss or damage or to deter intruders (as the case may be) the Installer does not represent

or warrant that the Installation may not be neutralised, circumvented or otherwise rendered

ineffective by the Customer, intruders or other unauthorised persons, and in such event it shall not

be liable for direct or indirect loss or damage suffered by the Customer, intruders or other

unauthorised persons.

(iv) Computerised CCTV by its nature can be volatile and may subject to service interruptions beyond

the Installer’s control; in such event Oculus security LTD shall not be liable for direct or indirect

loss or damage suffered by the Customer, intruders or other unauthorised persons.

(v) In view of the previous sub-paragraphs (i) to (iv) inclusive, the Customer acknowledges that he, she

or it should effect separate insurance cover.


For one year from the date of handover the Installer shall carry out replacement or repair of parts and rectification of faults free of charge (including call out) and to the Applicable Standards except for any such things made necessary by wilful or negligent act of any person (other than the Installer, its employees, and agents), or by some other cause or peril beyond the Installer’s control.

7. Ownership

Until full payment is received as referred to in Section 4 above, every part of the Installation and associated equipment shall remain the property of the Installer and the Customer irrevocably grants licence in the event of his, her or its default, to enter upon his, her or its premises to recover the same whether fixed or unfixed provided the Installer shall first obtain an Order from a Court of Law permitting entry into the Customer’s premises. Until recovery of the Installer’s property, the Customer shall take reasonable care of same and shall pay the Installer’s reasonable costs of replacing or repairing the same.

8. Installer’s Obligations

(i) In consideration of the Quotation Price specified and paid or to be paid by the Customer, the

Installer undertakes to install the Installation in accordance with the Applicable Standards

adopted by the approvals or regulatory organisation by which the Installer is for the time

being recognised, to the best of its ability and that such equipment used in the Installation

shall be fit for the purpose intended.

(ii) In consideration of the Maintenance Contract Price specified and paid or to be paid by the

Customer within 21 days of the date due and annually thereafter in advance on the

anniversary of that date to the Installer, the Installer will, for the duration of the

Maintenance Contract Period specified, carry out maintenance inspections of the

Customer’s installation together with other services where applicable as specified in para.

9(iv) below.

(iii) This Combined Quotation/Sale and Maintenance Contract document relates only to the

Installation described in the system design specification which is the subject of that

document, and the maintenance provisions shall only apply if agreed between Customer and


(iv) When the Contract document provides for maintenance service, the Installer agrees,

subject to reasonable access to the site and installation being available, periodically to

inspect, test and adjust the Installation and to carry out all necessary maintenance thereto

on the number of visits set out in the Maintenance Contract document in accordance with

the Applicable Standards during normal weekday working hours (except where otherwise

stated), Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m., upon giving reasonable notice to the

Customer of any visit for this purpose. Additional services such as various monitoring

services and shall also be supplied on a 24-hour basis if included within the Maintenance

contract Price and accepted by the Customer.

9. Customer Obligations

(i) The Customer agrees to pay in addition to the Quotation Price and the Maintenance

Contract Price (if any) for the cost of any works from time to time required to upgrade the

Installation to a state which complies with the relevant Applicable Standards.

(ii) To pay for all necessary repairs and replacements to the Installation unless these are

covered by guarantees or extended guarantees of the Maintenance Contract or where they

are necessary due to the neglect of the Installer, its employees and or agents.

(iii) Where the Installation has been installed so as to be linked with any Authority or monitoring

service and where it has operated so as to register with such Authority or monitoring service

then the Customer or his agent shall immediately after being aware of the event notify the


(iv) Not to permit anyone (including the Customer himself) other than the Installer to test,

adjust or reset or interfere with the Installation or any part thereof. In the event of a

breach of this provision the Installer shall be entitled to terminate the Maintenance

Contract forthwith upon its discovery.

(v) To permit the Installer’s staff and agents (and Inspectors representing any approvals or

regulatory organisation by which the Installer is for the time being recognised) from time to

time to have access to the Customer’s premises at all reasonable times.

(vi) Not to charge, pledge or otherwise deal with any of the Installer’s equipment or installation

which has not already been sold to the Customer nor part with possession of the same or

remove or permit it to be removed from the Customer’s premises.

(vii) To notify the Installer of any proposed structural alteration to the premises or any other

modification which may affect the existing Installation or system to which it may be

linked. Any extension to or alteration of the Installation which may thereby become

necessary shall be carried out by the Installer at the additional expense of the Customer.

(viii) To notify the Installer as soon as practical (and preferably at once) after the appearance of

any defect in the Installation, and to permit the Installer to take such steps as it thinks fit to

remedy such a defect.

(ix) The Customer is to obtain and pay for the telephone line or other telephone company

apparatus required for monitoring or remote viewing (if any) as well as other necessary

facilities, consents, permits, licenses, way leaves or approvals required for installing the


(xi) To register with the ‘Information Commissioner’s Office’ (ICO) if the installed system is utilised

for the processing of sensitive personal information as defined in the Data Protection Act. If the

installed Security system includes CCTV and images of individuals are routinely captured, it is up to

the customer to determine whether the ICO Code of Practice for CCTV should also be adhered to.

(The ICO can be contacted on 01625 545 745).

10. Termination of Maintenance Contract

(i) Either party may terminate the Maintenance Contract (if applicable) by not less than two

months’ notice in writing to that effect to expire upon the day before any anniversary of

such Maintenance Contract.

(ii) Either party may terminate the Maintenance Contract after the Maintenance Contract

Period by serving a notice in writing on the other party of not less than two months.

(iii) In the event of such termination the Customer shall forthwith return to the Installer any part

of the Installation and any other equipment which is rented by the Customer from the

Installer. The Customer shall thereafter be responsible for making his, her or its own

arrangements in regard to any monitoring or other continuing services which may be

required, it being a condition that monitoring services will only be provided by the Installer

or his agent when a current Maintenance Contract exists between the Installer and the


(iv) Even though the Contract may be terminated the Installer and his, her or its agents shall

have the right upon reasonable notice to enter the Customer’s premises (subject to obtaining prior

approval from a Court of Law) to remove any equipment belonging to the Installer and subject to

reasonable disturbance only shall not be liable for any loss or damage occasioned thereby.

11. Force Majeure Any failure by the Installer to perform any of its obligations by reason of any cause beyond the

control of the Installer shall be deemed not to be a breach of this Contract.

12. Right to Refer Disputes to Adjudication in Contracts which are subject to the Housing

Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996

If this contract is a contract to which the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996

applies then:-

12.1 If any dispute or difference arises out of or in connection with this contract, any party (“the

referring party”) may by notice given to every other party to the agreement at any time

refer the said dispute or difference to adjudication to be conducted in accordance with the

Adjudication Provisions of the Scheme for Construction Contracts prescribed under the

Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996.

12.2 The said adjudication shall be conducted by an adjudicator appointed by agreement

between the parties or in default of agreement, the referring party shall request the Centre

for Dispute Resolution being a nominating body under Clause 2.1(b) of the said Scheme for

these purposes to select a person to act as adjudicator.

13. Mediation

Subject always to the right of any party at any time in a contract to which the Housing Grants,

Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 applies, to refer a dispute or difference arising out of or in

connection with this agreement to adjudication as above, either party may request by notice in

writing, with record of posting, that the dispute be referred to mediation by a person agreed

between the parties. Should the parties agree to mediation but fail to agree upon the person to

mediate within seven days of such a request being made, then either party may apply to NSI for the

appointment of a Mediator and such mediation will be conducted in accordance with guidelines for

mediation published by the Academy of Experts.

(Note: Mediation does not result in a resolution being imposed or enforceable upon any party. It

aims to assist the parties in reaching a mutually agreed resolution of their dispute or differences).

14. Applicable Law and Category of Jurisdiction

This Contract is subject to the Laws of The United Kingdom and the parties shall submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts thereof.

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